About Us

Cultural Revolution

Modern marriage is more than a convention.  It's a cultural revolution!  When we find couples who want to flourish in their marriage relationship, we get excited!

You Can Do This

Social norms may seem stacked against you.  Maybe you have very little experience with healthy, happy relationships, and you're just not sure how to make it happen. Well, have no fear. You can do this!  There are tools, tips, and training that can strengthen and heal your heart of love and enable a lasting, fun, passionate marriage.

You Have Help

Like you, we wanted to stay "in love."  To really rock that "till-death-do-us-part" thing. And it's working!  Decades of happy marriage, years of study and training, and a long list of satisfied couples have shown us that we have some inspiring and practical nuggets to share.  So, don't settle for anything less than awesome in your marriage. Get the help you need!

Chris & Alex


Chris & Alex are a down-to-earth kind of deep. They have a wealth of knowledge and that special something that makes their marriage guidance downright supernatural. Their funny dating story launched them into nearly 25 years of great marriage.  They live in Bryan, TX, with their four awesome kids.  

As far as couples go, they are COMPLETELY complementary (what some might call "opposites"). Chris is the extroverted feeler and Alex the ordered introvert. Alex is calculating and Chris, creative.  They demonstrate and perceive love in different ways. They don't even eat their pizza the same!  So what makes their marriage so rich and fulfilling?  They do!  They have learned the beautiful dance of love - give and take, day in and day out.  And they know how to pass along their success.

As for training, Alex has a B.S. in Psychology and Chris has his in Legal Studies (huh? yeah, we know). They have served as pastors for most of their married life.  They study a broad spectrum of relationship and family experts, truly giving themselves over to this topic. They are genuine suckers for love!

On a more official note, both Chris and Alex are certified facilitators of the SYMBIS system.