Some Core Values



Being transparent and vulnerable can be scary, but we are a safe place.  We'll show you how to do it, by "going there" first.

Chris & Alex Quote: 

"We cannot conquer what we won't confront.  And we won't confront what we won't communicate."  

Sweat Equity


We've heard people say, "Our marriage just isn't working."  "Of course not!" we say, "Marriages don't work - people do!"

We are willing to put in the time and effort to help your marriage flourish.  We expect nothing less from you.  We are pleased to say that every couple that put in the effort their custom plan required, has enjoyed a total turnaround in their relationship.



Assuming that our spouse is the primary cause for our relational troubles is a sure fire way to stay in our current condition.  

By humbly listening, being generous with our judgments, and being willing to point the finger foremost at ourselves, we position our marriages for the kind of change we desire.

Delivering the Goods

One on One


Sometimes couples just need a little "shot-in-the-arm." Some nuggets of wisdom imparted personally, customized to the current needs of your relationship.  

While it can be challenging to coordinate schedules, we know how important your relationship is to you.  So, if a one-on-one is the best way to serve, we do what we can to make this happen.  We want you to win!



Every relationship is unique.  But, there are certain universal skills and mindsets to building happy, healthy marriages that are not only helpful, but are easy to learn and can be quickly put into practice.  

We conduct training workshops that are fun and engaging.  You can learn new skills and sharpen old ones. Investing quality time in training as a couple will help you move your marriage from flat to full in no time!

Marriage Boot Camps


For couples experiencing challenges that threaten the very integrity of their relationship, a "marriage boot camp" may be in order.

These are comprised of intense, powerful sessions where restoration plans are carefully crafted to meet your specific relational demands.  These camps/plans are not for the half-hearted. However, they have consistently yielded amazing fruit for those couples willing to fully engage the process.